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Laser capabilities



Laser engraving works well for most metals, leaving a dark black mark that chemically bonds to the metal but does not penentrate the surface.  Applications include marking part numbers, serial numbers, company logos and others.

Anodized or Painted Metals

Laser engraving bleaches the anodizing leaving white lettering or graphics which is very distinctive.  On painted metals, the laser cuts through the paint showing the metal beneath.


Laser engraving also works on plastics, acrylic, glass, wood leather, and cork, among other materials.  On non-metals the laser actually cuts into the surface of the material.  Applications include part marking and custom engraving of items such as wine bottles, glasses, or wooden plaques.


One of YMS’ specialties is engraved tile.  Special laser tiles allow etching a permanent image into the surface of the tile.  These tiles are perfect for interior design projects and gifts

Laser Cutting

In addition to engraving, the laser can perform the following jobs:

  • Cutting most non-metals such as plastics, wood, acrylic, cloth, cork, neoprene, film and more
  • Cutting acrylic up to 3/8” thick leaving a clear edge (opposed to the frosted edge other methods leave
  • Cutting wood and plastics up to 1/4” thick
  • Cutting neoprene up to 1/8” thick
  • Cutting intricate shapes too difficult achieve with many other methods
  • Total work area is 19" x 32" and can accommodate at part up to 8" tall